funeral plan plus .


Santalucia´s FUNERAL PLAN is provided by a well known Spanish Insurance Company  servicing the public all over Spain. With the ever increasing numbers of British people moving to and retiring to these areas Santalucia have striven to include them into the Spanish way. Through Santalucia you can obtain  Home, Contents and life Insurance. However, we wish to introduce you to an inexpensive and monthly payment plan to cover your funeral plan.

funeral plan plus .


In Spain burials or cremations take place between 24 / 48 hours after death, hence the  need for  a professional Spanish  insurance and funeral service that can extend the time for travel arrangements of next of kin. Not only is the service offered efficient, it is affordable by way of  monthly contributions ideal for families or retired.






funeral plan plus .

  • No medical required
  • Nothing to pay upfront
  • No qualifying period
  • No disbursements







What do you demand of your home insurance?

It needs to be effective

There are few things as important as our home. It’s a place where we seek shelter and peace of mind. It’s a place that has that special atmosphere we’ve created with such loving care and effort over time.


So that none of this will ever change, so that we’ll always be able to enjoy our home with total peace of mind, so that nothing can ever endanger what means so much to us, your home insurance needs to offer effective solutions that’s why santalucia have created the Combined Home Insurance.

It needs to be fast


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  • Pets
  • Home
  • Health
  • Medical
  • Life

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